Functional Skills

A study published by Ipsos MORI Social Research Institute in February 2016 found that although one in eight (12%) workplaces in England report a literacy and/ornumeracy gap, the actual prevalence of basic skills deficits in workplaces may be understated for a number of reasons:

·        Employers not having a full understanding of the basic skills requirements within the tasks that their employees carry out. 

·        Employers not having a full awareness of the literacy and numeracy gaps within their workforce.

·        The study also showed that 56% of workplaces do not specify minimum levels in English or maths in their recruitment process.

·        The case studies also suggest that, in the modern workplace limitations to employees’ numeracy and literacy are masked by the use of ICT interventions &

peer support. 

All in all the report concludes skills gaps in literacy & numeracy are being compensated for (affecting productivity) but not tackled, and the impact of such gaps on workplace performance is not fully understood.

ELA Training Services can conduct a FREE initial assessments of the numeracy & literacy gaps in your workforce as well as an analysis & bench-marking of the numeracy & literacy requirements' of their roles.

Functional Skills are free standing qualifications designed to give learners skills to operate confidently, effectively and independently in education, work and everyday life. They have been created in response to employers recommendations that learners would benefit from a thorough grounding in the basics and the ability to problem-solve. 

To see how we can help you maximise the potential of your staff & your business, arrange a high value briefing with ELA Training Services and allow us to prepare a unique proposition tailored to your requirements.

Features & benefits of our Functional Skills training solutions:

•         Most efficient yet sensitive way to learn Maths & English in the workplace and enable further progression onto vocational qualifications & further learning. 

•         Learning is individual, 1-2-1 with tutor or in small groups with other learners who have same needs as you and are at the same level

•         Online & paper-based support materials offered

•         Learning is flexible & adapted around the individual

•         Learning is contextuaised around numeracy & literacy requirements of the workplace

•         Communicating with colleagues, contributing to discussions, writing emails & letters

•         Comprehendingwork-related written notices, instructions & policies

•         Solving day-to-day problems & completing work tasks using basic Maths

ELA use mobile, subject-specialist trainers to deliver all training & assessment in the workplace, while striving to be adaptable & flexible to individual learner & employer needs to minimise the disruption to your business. 

·        Fortnightly 2 hour appointment to guide, support & assess

·        1-2-1 or in small groups of learners who are at similar levels

·        Individualised online learning in between appointments

·        Paper-based activities & tasks to practice in own time

·        Use of Company policies & paperwork to develop reading & comprehension

·        Work-based discussions to practice speaking & listening

·        Use of past papers & marking schemes aids exam preparation

·        Estimated completion time 4-6 months